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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  May 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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collegiate rowers hit the schuylkill river for the dad vail regatta. "action news" is next. two young lives come to a tragic end on a night that was supposed to be a right of passage. the teenagers were killed in
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the car crash after their high school prom. saturday night, i'm walter perez. the big story on "action news" is tragic death of two teenage girls in cumberland county all while two others inside a car were seriously injured. friend say at least three of the youngsters have attended the bridgeton high school prom earlier in the evening. "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live in maurice river township with more, jeff? >> reporter: well, walter it is a still a mystery why that car left the road and hit a tree behind me. their prom was held in centerton but it appears hot that the teens left the prom when it was over and went to an after prom party in ocean city and they were on their way home when tragedy strike photos of these two young women are flooding social media. their sudden death hours after bridgeton high school's prom are creating a flood of tears. >> this is supposed to be a happy night. >> a happy night. kid that live for this moment,
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to enjoy this moment and they are not able to to talk bit. >> reporter: mourners gathered around a memorial at the crash scene to remember 17 year-old daisia sulton and 15 year-old mikayla mostly. two died after they veer off route 47 around a curve in maurice river township and hit this treat at 3:45a m. two other teens were seriously hurt. it is believed they were following friend on their way home from an after prom party. the catherine oz been lives next to the crash scene. >> i talk to the three boys and they went to ocean city, and they were on their way back and girls were following the boys, and they said they just saw their lights, go like off the road. >> i was totally devastated. >> reporter: bridgeton school district superintendent says this tragedy comes the same day as funeral for another student who died in a car crash less than two weeks ago. >> we have a lot of support from our chaplains, also from the cumberland county guidance center, they are going to deploy some of their grief counselors to work with our
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students and staff on monday. >> i got a 17 year old. her prom was last week. i'm thankful and bless that had she made it home. >> reporter: and those two other girls in the car, 16 year-old jaya stocks is in critical condition. seventeen year-old jada baronto is in stable condition. new jersey state police are still investigating this crash. we are live from maurice river township, jeff chirico for channel six "action news". >> so tragic, thanks jeff. police have arrested and charged a 18 year-old man for allegedly throwing railroad spikes in passing cars in university city. blake bauers faces charges including aggravated assault. investigators say during one attack a spike went through the front windshield and then lodged into the dashboard of someone's car driving under the university avenue overpass. broken glass flew in the driver's eyes and a total of
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four cars were struck. a 16 year-old has been charged in the fatal hit and run from last month in camden. up investigators say the teenager was driving a stolen cadillac when he struck and killed five three-year old tia walker on april 25th. it happened near south and pine streets. they say he pulled over a woman on a nearby median but then fled the scene. suspect is being held at camden county detention center. six people were injured when a u-haul truck smashed in the bridge in new castle county, delaware. it happened at noon time on mill road near monroe road near newark. four of the victims were in the back of the truck. one a 24 year-old woman was eject from the vehicle and she's listed in serious condition tonight. the rest of the injured, including a 14 year-old boy, are listed in stable condition. people from apart of the holmesberg section of the city woke up this morning to find out that vandals had been in their neighborhood. sometime overnight, someone scratched the side of doors and windshields, a seven cars along 8,000 block of er drick
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street. police are checking out surveillance footage from cameras all across that area. it was a heart breaking sight today at st. patrick's church in norristown as two children who were killed in the fire last weekend were laid to rest. balloons were tied to the railings as mourners, streamed into the church, to remember the youngsters who were just six and 11 years old. the fire broke out early last saturday morning. investigators say so far they believe this fire started accidentally. two adults were also killed, in that blaze. police in philadelphia are investigating a shooting that left a man injured, in the cities strawberry mansion section of philadelphia tonight. it happened about 9:00 o'clock in the 26 hup block of north hollywood street. someone shot the 27 year-old man twice, he was taken to temple university hospital in critical condition, and so far, no arrests have been made. and police in philadelphia also have a suspect in custody following a shooting that occurred this afternoon in broad daylight. it happened, at 3:30, on the 700 block of east willard street in west kensington. police say that one person was shot, and rushed to temple
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university hospital, and no word tonight on the victim's condition. meanwhile police in new jersey are looking for a woman who may have robbed three banks within the span of 24 hours. police in hamilton township released these pictures after a td bank on white horse hamilton square road was robbed last night. and then this morning, a bank was robbed in the 3400 block of quake are bridge road. police in willingboro, say that a with man with a similar description robbed a wells fargo bank on route 130 yesterday morning. in all three cases the woman handed a teller a note demanding money but no weapon was ever displayed. moving on to the accu weather forecast, most of us got some rain today, this evening as well, and thunderstorms were reported in some spots. the tonight though it is clearing out, temperatures are dropping, and windy conditions are on the way. meteorologist melissa a magee is at the big board with the first check of the accu weather forecast, melissa. >> we have some changes on the way as we go throughout the second half of our weekend. here's storm tracker six live
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double scan radar. this cold front moves through earlier today and now pushing off shore and to our east. focus your attention out across the west and eastern great lakes. we will to have watch a piece of energy work its way eastward as we go throughout the day on sunday n the near term, turning clear and breezes picking up on the back side of the frontal boundary. as far as precipitation, not a whole lot. .14 in atlantic city. .13 for wilmington and dover. the tenth of an inch in philadelphia .4 of an inch of rain, reported in allentown today. here's the other part of the story. temperatures along the 95 corridor are in the 50's and 60's but off to the west we have 46 in buffalo and 44 degrees in pittsburgh. we will be tapping into a piece of that cooler air, as early as tomorrow afternoon. so we will talk about what we can expect. clearing skies, on the way tonight, much cooler, on sunday, it will also than wind which wind gust inning up to 35 miles an hour. we will look closer with the full and exclusive accu weather forecast, walter.
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>> thanks, melissa. it is a tradition like few others along the schuylkill river. more than 100 schools the gathered to compete in the dad vail regatta "action news" reporter trish hartman has more. >> reporter: with every race, came cheers from family members and teammates. >> go, go. >> reporter: as an entire season of preparations, came down to a few crucial minutes on the water. >> our entire season is dad vail, dad vail, dad vail how can we beat these team and how can we beat the teams that practice on this course and practice twice a day. >> reporter: it was a gorgeous morning for 125 collegiate teams to race the on the schuylkill but with storms in the forecast, organizers had to rearrange the schedule, the cream of our racing is the varsity eight men and women. so we are running them now, earlier in the day, so that they make sure that they do get to race. >> reporter: while drexel won overall points competition it was florida tech that one the coveted richard o'brien trophy in the varsity heavyweight eight race and team from
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massachusetts took home women's heavy eight title. the team that won that same race 25 years ago in the stand was watching. >> to be a part of this team was just incredible. the just to look at them on the dock and totally it comes back. it is fantastic. >> reporter: women's team from uva right united to mark 25 years since they won at dad vail. seven of the eight rowers showed up with their coach. >> two flew from seattle, dallas, denver. >> reporter: this is still a big deal 25 years later. >> yeah. >> reporter: for some senior rowers this isn't just their last dad vail but even of their rowing career. bitter swede good bye to a team and a sport that they love. >> when you row in the boat you are not pulling for yourself or your coach you are pulling for other guys in the the boat. it the is just so team focused, it is not nothing one person can do, it has got to be a team unit. >> reporter: reporting from the schuylkill river, trish hartman, channel six a "action news". a man who was a member of the historic group of marines was honored today in southwest philadelphia congressman
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brendon boyle presented widow of private malcolm jones the congressional gold medal. he was a mum of the mumford point marines the first group of african americans to serve in the marines in 1942. they were named after their training facility located in mumford point, north carolina. much more to come on "action news" tonight, a trip to a casino lend in tragedy after their bus flips. eight people dead and dozens more injured. latest on the investigation. plus search continues for a woman who fell into the gulf of mexico after tumbling from a cruise ship, why the coastguard was not notified until 15 hours after she had disappeared. plus phillies take on the red tonight in citizens bank park, jeff skversky has sports when "action news" comes right back. police do not know why a
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limousine filled with teens in new england suddenly caught fire. it happened outside boston while high school students were on their way to the prom. students were able to safely evacuate. eight people have been killed and more than 40 injured during a charter bus crash in texas. it happened this afternoon in lar red owe near the mexican border. seven people died at the scene and eight person died at the hospital. bus was heading to a casino at the time but there is in word why the driver lost control. we will have much more coming up on "action news" at 11:35. the coastguard is scouring a section of the gulf of
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mexico for a woman on a cruise ship who fell over game. carnival liberty was heading from galveston, texas to mexico when right around 2:00 friday morning samantha, fell in the water from the tenth story of the ship. her friend didn't realize she was missing until late their day a full 15 hours, after she went over board. ship officials confirmed that she did in fact go over board after seeing it happened on security camera video. a day after the head of the home land security promised changes at nation's crowded airports. it has been another day of long lines at chicago's midway airport. one line stretched out to the parking lot. yesterday home land security, asked travelers to be patient as they unveiled a plan to deal with the lingering situation. the head of the department says that more screeners will be hired, and tsa will begin enforcing new limits on carry on bags. a mother says police know who killed her son but they need more before they can make an arrest. tonight, she's asking for your help. here's rick williams with
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tonight's crime fighters report. >> he has a family that loves him, misses him. >> reporter: linda vernon says her life changed on october 18th. >> some daisy don't know if i'm coming or going because i lost a piece of my world. that was my son. >> reporter: just before 3:00 p.m. amir pinckney was riding a bike with a friend at fifth second and locust street in west philadelphia vernon says that is when her 19 year-old son was shot. >> and his friend call the police because amir told him he was shot the in his leg before he passed out. >> reporter: pinckney died at the hospital. >> i'm not supposed to bury my children. my children are supposed to bury me. >> reporter: vernon says pinckney's friend was able to tell police who the shooter was investigations are complex and more evidence is needed. >> i just want justice for my son, no information that anybody know is too little or too big.
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>> reporter: the city of philadelphia is offering $20,000 in we ward money for arrest and conviction for the person responsible. all you have to do is call the citizens crime commission at 215-546-tips. all calls will remain anonymous. >> no parent, no mother, should have to go through what i'm going through. >> reporter: for crime fighters i'm rick williams for channel six "action news". the philadelphia music
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hall of fame in south philadelphia honored rock and roll star charlie gracy
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tonight. gracy is a philadelphia native who was a music ambassador for the city of brotherly love. tonight was compete with the musical and video tribute and, of course, cake. time for a check of the accu weather forecast with meteorologist, melissa magee. the little win coming our way tomorrow. >> it will be quite blustery throughout the afternoon, walter. we will talk about the changes in the wake of the showers that moved through today. here's storm tracker six double scan radar. it is dry, quiet but we did have that cold front that came through, early this afternoon and early this evening. all of that moisture starting to push off shore and then we will watch clouds, break apart and we have got changes on the way for sunday. outside we will go the action cam was outside earlier tonight, there in logan square looking up at the sky. looking up at a memorial fountain on this saturday night. still cloud around. they will break throughout the overnight hours. currently in philadelphia we are at 57. same thing in front on, 54. and same thing in wilmington.
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same for allentown and reading. forty-four in the poconos. at the coast in cape may coming in at 59. here's satellite six with action radar. is there cold front that moved through earlier today. not much in the way of precipitation. philadelphia picked up a tenth of an inch of rain. all that moisture press to go our east. focus your attention across eastern great lakes. we are watching this upper level low, a little piece of energy that will work eastward throughout the day tomorrow. a and there could be a stray, instability shower mainly north and west of that 95 corridor as we go throughout the afternoon. over the next 12 hours, the call from accu weather is clear, breezy with these wind out of the westerly direction at 12 to 25 miles an hour. it will be turning cooler, as we go throughout the overnight. forty-four in the suburbs i should say for the overnight low. philadelphia dropping down to 48. so here's the setup for us on our sunday. we have a area of low pressure that departs. high pressure to our west. right in between these two we will pick up a a tight pressure gradient and those wind coming from the northwesterly direction.
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it is a cooler day tomorrow. high of just 59 degrees, we have wind gusting up to 35 miles an hour, and we're going to be well below average, by then. so here's the setup. if you were to do airfare son, today we had a high of 76. normal for us is 73. we were once again above average but tomorrow, just 15 degrees below the normal with a high of just 59. we should be closer to 74. the sprint cup series, dover race weekend is going on tomorrow and the main event happens then. sunshine and cloud, gusts to 35 miles an hour. 11:00 a.m. that temperature of 556789 as we get in the 4c o'clock afternoon in dover temperatures will be in the lower 60es a here's the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, windy, cooler. tomorrow high temperature of 59. sunny and milder on monday at 65. tuesday, some sunshine around, and spotty shower is likely in at 69. and cloud and sunshine on wednesday, and not a bad day coming in at 67. bright and sunny by thursday, and then in at 69 degrees, and then on friday, sunshine,
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cloud, sharing the sky work a philadelphia union at home, with a high temperature of 70 degrees. and then by saturday, getting close tore normal. we have sun, cloud, and a high temperature close to 74. so windy, cooler tomorrow, maybe a stray shower north and west, all and all you'll feel the difference tomorrow because we were in the 70's today, not the case by then. >> once we get past tomorrow, smooth sailing. >> yes, frost advisory. >> except for that. >> maybe. >> thanks, memories a. you can find the seven day forecast, and live look at storm tracker six double scan radar anytime on the day on the web site at six,/weather. more than 2,000 students from st. joes university received their degrees today. under graduate and graduate degrees were handed out during separate outdoor events in the the wynfield campus. "action news" anchor jim gardner served as keynote speaker in this afternoon's doctoral and graduate degree ceremonies. jim was bestowed an honorary doctorate degree. up next, jeff skversky has
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okay. jeff skversky has a check on sports. i just can't believe how much fun it is to watch the phillies. >> i love it. >> it is awesome. >> everyone thought it would be a long summer. >> you'll see. >> how about these phillies. who saw this coming. phillies are seven games over 500 for the first time in five years, when they finish with the best record in the majors. yeah. baseball is fun again around here. finally. rain or shine phillies fans coming out tonight to see the red, a free hat helps. tied at one in the fifth, odubel herrera with the rbi single. phillies will take a three-one lead. aaron nola a allows two runs. in the seventh, clinging to a one run lead, gets out of his. his 9k ties a career high. bottom of the seventh phillies get an insurance run. they need every inch of this. herrera the little bull, last
11:27 pm
like the bull, phillies up two. but red threatening in the ninth, and tying run at third. david hernandez trying to save i had. jordan with the deep to left, and suarez tagging from third. tyler goodell a's throw, watch closely. wow. what a play. cameron rupp, holds on. still, phillies hold on to win four-three. wow, everyone smiling, watching this finish. >> he made a perfect throw, that is what i was hoping and he made a perfect throw, you know, things are going our way right now, and that is just, that was a great way to end the game. >> you can say that again. carson wentz has been hand picked as eagles future franchise quarterback but there are many others at eagles rookie mini camp who are hoping they have a break future here too like radnor high school grad david bow even, the 6-foot seven offensive lineman is getting a try out this weekend after
11:28 pm
going undrafted out of boston college. bowen who grew up in villanova is battling in the trenches for a job. >> it the is really cool. you know, this is what you dream of as a kid, you know, now you just want to keep the dream going. i don't want to be done after this weekend. >> probably only guy in here that can go home for dinner. >> yeah, probably, yeah, i'm sure i'll have some guys over at some point and we will have some dinner a the my house. >> maybe a little filet and shrimp. eagles rookie mini camp conclude tomorrow. still to come in sports two flyers stars will go under the knife, find out how long surgery will keep g and ghost sidelines when we come right back. pet moments are beautiful,
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